Experience Haiti

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There are a series of different ways of experiencing Haiti, and no right way or wrong way, but it is always nice to have a plan to make sure you don’t miss out on the best bits of this lovely nation. Below, see a general idea of how to make the most of your time in Haiti:

Day 1

Arrive at Port-au-Prince International Airport (PAP). Spend the evening discovering the Capital and checking into your hotel. Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant, or choose to eat at your hotel restaurant.

Day 2

Spend a day walking around Port-au-Prince, see the Iron Market, embrace the noise and colours and check out the incredible Haitian art. In the afternoon after lunch, make sure to take a tour to see the famous Gingerbread houses of Port-au-Prince.

Day 3

Leave Port-au-Prince and travel to Jacmel. It is only about an hour along the coast by car. Once arrived in Jacmel, settle in and walk around the rugged streets of Jacmel. Take in the atmosphere.

Day 4

Walk to Bassin Bleu with a group. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costume as the water is irresistible! This will take up most of the day but will be completely worth it. Upon return to Jacmel, you’ll want to relax. Maybe walk down to the beaches to watch the sunset, and/or enjoy a delicious meal and an award winning Prestige beer or rum.

Day 5

After a quiet morning, travel back to Port-au-Prince and go to the MUPANAH museum – it has an extensive artillery collection and has been voted one of the most impressive museums in the world. Stay a night at the Oloffson hotel, made famous by Graham Green’s novel, The Comedians, and if you’re there on the right night, you’ll get to see the hotel manager’s band, RAM, perform some excellent music.

Day 6

Next stop: Cap Haitien. This can be done by road in less than 4 hours, traffic permitting, or alternatively can be done by domestic flight (click here to find out more). Make sure to visit the Cathedral in the centre of town, and spend an afternoon lazing on the beach, or walking around exploring.

Day 7

Visit one of Haiti’s most prized locations – the Citadelle la Ferriere. This is a full day excursion, so make sure you’ve had enough rest the night before and are up ready for some walking (as well as outstanding views!). The walk up can be done from Milot in about an hour, or you can also go up on horseback, which takes around 20 minutes. There’s no need for prior experience for this! You will be blown away by the Citadelle’s views and architecture. Bear in mind that it was built in 1804 and is still the largest fortress in the western hemisphere.

Day 8

On the way back to Port-au-Prince from Cap Haitien, stop at Cote des Arcadins. There are beautiful beach hotels here and lots of water sports activities to take part in. Make sure your last full day in Haiti is one of relaxation and reflection.

Day 9

Travel back to Port-au-Prince and catch the flight home. You will have to stop along the way at either New York, Miami, or Paris (most commonly), so maybe even consider a small break at these places if you’re not quite ready to get back to reality.


(both group and tailor made)