Experience Haiti

  • Bassin Bleu

    One of Haiti's many waterfalls. Minerals make the water this colour
  • Beaches

    Haiti has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and many small islands that you can explore.
  • Cap Haitien

    A walking tour around Cap Haitien or Jacmel will allow you to appreciate the architure and to meet the people
  • Ginger Bread House

    They add colour to the streets of Haiti and are from the Victorian era
  • Grotte Marie Jeanne

    One of Haiti's 300 caves. 2.4kms of caverns have been explored here and it descends 90 metres below entrance level.
  • Haitian art

    World re-nowned art can be found in galleries, on the side walks and on walls
  • La Citadelle Henry

    The largest fortress in the Western hemisphere and built after the defeat of Napolean in 1804
  • La Citadelle Henry

    The views from the top of the fortress
  • La Palais Sans Souci

    The palace built by self proclaimed King Henri Christophe. It was modelled on Versailles
  • Marche en Fer

    Iron market which was rebuilt after the earthquake
  • Mountains

    Ayiti means mountainous land and it is the name given by the Tainos. The tallest is 2,763 metres tall and is above the capital
  • MUPANAH Museum

    A must visit in Port-au-Prince to understand the history of the worlds first black republic
  • Observatoire

    Situated 900 metres about Port-au-Prince with breath taking views of the capital
  • People

    The Haitian people are friendly and very jovial. Story telling and joke sharing are a national past time

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Citadelle La Ferriere

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If you like history, culture, adventure and you want to be stimulated by the new and the different, it’s time to EXPERIENCE HAITI.

Ayiti means mountainous land in Taino language, a community who lived in Haiti for 700 years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Today, Haiti’s landscape continues to be one of her strongest assets. Green verdant mountains rise 2,763 metres in to the sky on the south and west coasts providing a rich flora and fauna, 26 endemic birds, 120 varieties of mangoes and spectacular water falls.

Haiti was a key tourism destination in the 1970s. The first flights came from the Bahamas, and then tour operators from Germany, Switzerland and France began offering Haiti as an extension to Bahamas, before they started to have flights direct to Haiti and full package tours were offered. Port-au-Prince played host to many cruise ships as well. In the 1970’s, travellers began to take extensions from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. The departure of “Baby Doc” in 1985 and subsequent embargos led to a decline which Haiti did not recover from.

Hurricane Matthew hit the south and south west of Haiti on the 4th October 2016. Whilst areas around Les Cayes and Jeremie have been badly hit, the tourism areas of Jacmel, Port-au-Prince, Cotes des Arcadin and Cap Haitien continue to receive visitors. The best way to help is to travel and spend your money in Haiti. Alternatively, buy Haitian art as a way to help stimulate trade or find a charity to donate through by visiting (www.why-haiti.org)

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